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Surfing Tips for all levels

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

surfing tips - surfing in france

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced surfer, there is always room to advance your craft. Surfing tips can help in all areas of your skillset. From balance to agility, timing, and more, we work to help you succeed on the waves and enjoy your time on the water. This blog will specifically break down some tips and tricks for beginner surfers.

Top Surfing Tips

1) Find a beginner-friendly beach

In Hossegor, La Sud is known to be one of the spots with the calmer waves that are ideal for beginner surfers. If it's your first time visiting Hossegor and you're looking to get a feel for the waves, La Sud is perfect. You can expect waves to be about two feet high in this area. Smaller waves are better for those who are learning the basics.

2) Use a big surfboard

When starting, using a larger board will make it easier for you to learn the basic stances, balance, and agility needed to ride the waves. It also acts as a better flotation device.

3) Use a surf leash

A surf leash can help keep you safe while you are learning the foundations. Although it will take time to get used to, it can potentially save your life.


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