Our Guesthouse is just 7km from Messanges plage!

The major advantage Messange plage has over other beaches nearby is that it is generally not packed with people most of the year. You can expect a boom in July and August, as expected, but outside of that there is not nearly as much competition for waves as more popular beaches like Hossegor. If you are a surfing beginner or you just want to get out on the waves and enjoy a good ride, Messanges is for you! 

The water at Messanges plage is comfortably warm from May through October and the swell is generally consistent. July and August you can expect an influx of tourists and campers at many of the nearby on-beach surf camps so if you are looking for peace and quiet or you are just beginning to learn how to surf and want some space to yourself, we'd recommend avoiding these two months. However, you can hike it just a few hundred meters north or south on Messanges plage and you will most likely find space to enjoy.


If you are a more advanced surfer, check out Messanges in the winter time for the perfect wave. The swell usually consistently picks up around that time of year and you can expect to find some awesome waves.

If you are looking for a surf camp stay where you can easily access Messanges or other nearby beaches, but escape the hustle and bustle of the shore to a more relaxing afternoon or evening, we welcome your stay at ecw surf & skate guesthouse! Our surf camp frankreich is just 7km off the shore of Messanges and offers surf rentals, skate ramps, a lounge, yoga and a variety of guesthouses. We are also convenient to Hossegor, perhaps the most famous surf spot in France!

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