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Thrilling International Surf Competitions Only 20 KM From Our Guest House 

SURFING Hossegor's beaches IN FRANCE

Home of the Quiksilver Pro Surf Competition, Hossegor is one of France's most famous surfing paradises. From its beautiful scenery, warm water, impressive beachbreaks, and lively nightlife, it's no secret why Hossegor is so popular amongst travelers from near and far. The biggest allure is its beaches warm water throughout multiple seasons. Beachgoers and surfers can enjoy the Atlantic Ocean's waves for four months without having to wear a rubber suit to stay warm. If you want to surf the waves or enjoy the surf competition, cafes, and wineries, Hossegor is a perfect destination! 

What Makes Surfing in Hossegor so unique?

Running about 3m long, Hossegor's beaches deliver mighty, perfect peaks, often hollow and consistent. There are four distinctive surf spots along the shoreline, including Les Culs Nus, La Sud, La Nord, and La Graviere. For novice-level surfers, we would recommend checking out La Sud as it is the most beginner-friendly spot with calmer waves. For those who are looking for a challenge, La Graviere's massive tubes spot will satisfy expert surfers. Hossegor is one of France's most consistent surf spots, so you'll catch a wave here throughout the different seasons and various sections of the beach. Locals and travelers alike come to take on the waves and watch the Pro Surf competition in October.

When is the best time to SURF Hossegor?

When it comes to the best time to visit Hossegor, it depends on your taste and desires. The water is at its warmest in July and August, so you can expect plenty of other water enthusiasts to want to ride the waves as well. September and October is a great time to visit with the water still being warm and the scene getting set up for the Quiksilver Pro Surf Competition. During these two months the waves pick up, and the tourists have left as well, so it's not as crowded. For those looking for stronger waves to ride, November - April is the ideal time to visit the Hossegor. If you're looking for calmer swells with a bit of a push, then April and May is the best time.


Whichever is your preference, this gorgeous beach will undoubtedly be a thrill! 

Hossegor has so much to offer! The power of the waves combined with the natural charm of the South of France makes it an idealistic spot. If you are searching for a surf camp stay where you can easily travel to Hossegor or other nearby beaches, we invite you to stay with us at ECW Surf & Skate Guesthouse! When staying with us, you can take in the beauty of Hossegor and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Our surf camp offers surf rentals, skate ramps, a lounge, yoga, and several guesthouses for you to enjoy. We are about 20k from Hossegor beach and are passionate about connecting you with nature and its beauty! 

Daily Forecast for HOSSEGOR Surf

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