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Surf rentals

The Element Called Water Surf & Skate Guesthouse / Surf camp in France offers a wide variety of surfboards for rent. Whether you’re a beginner venturing outside surf classes for the first time or a longtime freestyler checking out nearby surf spots, our surfboards are yours to enjoy. As we’ve said, our mission is to help you enjoy the ultimate freedom of your surf trip.

surf Camp

Element Called Water is all about surfing! Whether you're a newcomer to surfing or a seasoned pro, we will help you build your skills and have a great time doing it at our surf camp. Offering surf coaching and surf lessons at every level, our longtime friends at the Authentique École de Surf teach not only the techniques of surfing but also the surfing spirit. Private and group surf lessons are both available — the choice is yours!

Private surf coaching

At ECW Surf & Skate Guesthouse we organize your private surf coaching with one of our selected surf instructors.

English, German, Spanish, Italian, Czech spoken and ISA licensed

Benefits of Surfing

Paddling your board through the water provides cardiovascular fitness

Build your shoulder and back strength from paddling and standing up on your board

Build your leg and core strength while you’re standing up on the board

Spend quality time outdoors in nature, enjoying fresh air and sunshine

Can be used as an outlet for stress relief

Surf Etiquette

Do not paddle around someone already riding a wave

The surfer closest to the breaking wave has right of way - don’t steal other riders’ waves

Surfers cannot surf between the flags on a patrolled beach

Respect other surfers, their gear and their belongings

Surfen in Frankreich - surf messages coaching
Surfschule in Frankreich - surfing france
Surf Vermietung Frankreich - surf school near hossegor
Surf Camp Frankreich - surfing south of france
suf hossegor france ecw guesthouse surfcamp


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