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What are the different kinds of waves?

Whether you are new to surfing or interested in learning more about the ocean waves, we can provide insight. There are many different types of waves out on the water, and they can call impact your surf session. Before embarking on your next surfing session, we will dive into a few of the waves that you may encounter. There are several types of surf breaks, and it's essential to know about them before taking them on in the water. Below we go into some of the waves that you will encounter.

Some types of waves:

1) Beach breaks

One of the most common waves you will see is called a beach break.

Beach breaks crash over a sandy bottom, which means that the wave can change in shape and size as the seabed shifts. Depending on the beach, you will see more or less of these types of waves.

2) Point breaks

A point break is when the lines of the wave hit land at an angle, breaking around the shore rather than towards it. They can break over both rock and sand. Point breaks offer calmer and more gentle waves that are more suitable for beginners.

3) Reef breaks

Reek breaks are known for the waves over a rocky bottom. The seabed remains consistent, and you can generally paddle out through it. Reef breaks are not a good idea for beginners as they can be less forgiving and more challenging than other types of waves.


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