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Top Surf Spots For Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert Surfers in Hossegor

surfing in france - hossegor beach

Hossegor is known as a surfers paradise. With beautiful scenery, consistent swells, along with French culture, it's no secret that people flock to Hossegor in the summer. People from all over the world travel to the beautiful shores of France to catch a glimpse of the surf competitions and take on the big swells.

One of France's most consistent surf spots, Hossegor hosts surfers year-round. Each season means there are a different set of waves, and depending on when you arrive, they can be large or small. May and June are ideal times to visit the iconic surf spot. During these months, the waves have calmed down from winter, the water is warming up, and the tourists have yet to arrive. July and August are the busiest months, and often the waves are smaller. During September and October, the water is still warm enough to surf, and the tourists have traveled home, so it's less busy. November through April is when you can expect the largest and most unpredictable waves. It's best for skilled paddlers and surfers.

Hossegor has something for everyone, whether you are a novice just learning how to surf, or if you are an advanced surfer looking to catch a massive wave. If you're looking to learn the basics of surfing, ECW can teach you the ropes so you can surf amongst the other visitors. Here we'll break down a few of the top surfing spots in Hossegor.

La Sud

La Sud is known to be one of the spots with the calmer waves that are ideal for beginners and moderate surfers. If it's your first time visiting Hossegor and you're looking to get a feel for the waves, La Sud will not disappoint. You can expect waves to be about two feet high in this area, compared to the larger ones up north. As to be expected, La Sud is very crowded during the summer months, so keep that in mind. It's an excellent starting point, and the more you practice, the better chance you will be able to surf at the other spots as well.

La Nord

La Nord is the northern point of Hossegor and is near all of the hotels and restaurants. It's an excellent in-between point for beginners and expert level surfers. This beach is one of the popular spots for big waves and is recommended for surfers who can handle the larger swells when they come in. Waves here can reach up to 12 feet.

La Gravière

This spot hosts some of the most legendary swells in the south of France. These waves are fast and hollow and are the best fit for expert surfers and locals who are seeking out more giant waves to test their skills. They can hold a shape of about 2.5 meters, which is about 7 feet high and crash very close to the beach. This beach is sometimes home to the Quiksilver pro competition. If you're looking to take on some of the most massive tubes, La Gravière is full of thrills.


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