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Tips for visiting Hossegor

Hossegor is a beautiful oasis in the South West of France. As the surf capital of France, Hossegor has plenty on offer for those wanting to experience the surfer lifestyle. From surf lessons to an abundance of nature, wineries, and Hossegor is a beautiful place with something for all travelers to enjoy. Below we break down a few tips so you can take advantage of everything that Hossegor, France has to offer.

Hossegor Travel Tips

1) Try surf lessons

Surfing is a big attraction for visitors and now a very important tourist activity for Hossegor. The surf is particularly good at Hossegor because of the various waves on the beaches. It's a popular destination for surfers of all surfing experience.

2) Enjoy local cuisine

France is known for its delicious cuisine across the country. Hossegor is home to many fine dining establishments, casual eateries, wineries, farmer's markets, and more. As France has many culinary experiences to offer, Hossegor's seaside paradise is no different. From local favorites to fresh catches of the day, and more, Hossegor has food that will appeal to every palate.

3) Watch the Quicksilver competition

The Quicksilver competition is where all of the world's greatest surfers come to compete amongst the best of the best. Tourists can enjoy seeing the different competitors on the surf and take in all of the festivities and local eateries along the way. If you're looking to dive into surfing culture, the competition is an ideal place to start.

4) Take in the natural beauty

Hossegor is known for its many forests, trails, and water activities. Whether you are interested in surfing, biking, swimming, or more, Hossegor has places available. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will love Hossegor and all of its outdoor beauty.

5) Try the wines

France is well known for its incredible wines. Enjoy tastings and expanding your pallet. Whether you enjoy red or white wine, you can pair your wine with different cuisine at some of the fine restaurants in stunning Hossegor.


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