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Tips for Advanced Surfers

Whether you are a competitive surfer or surf as a hobby, it can be helpful to learn new tricks and improve your style. Surfing takes practice and technique to master, and practice can make it easier to navigate the waves. Surfing provides peace and tranquility as well as many health benefits. It's ideal for learning new tips to make your time out on the water even better as it provides so many benefits. If you are an advanced surfer and are looking to improve your skill set and attempt more difficult surf, it's important to work on your technique. Below, are a few tips for you to increase your knowledge of the water.

Top 3 tips for an advanced surfer

1) Eye Your Target

When you're out on the water, it can help set your eyes on the target, so you can focus on moving towards it. Move your head towards your next goal and make your move to paddle out towards it. This technique is similar to "keeping your eye on the ball."

2) Keep a Low Center of Gravity

One of the biggest tips is learning to keep a low center of gravity. By keeping a low center of gravity, you can increase your stability and gain speed. You can accomplish this by bending your knees slightly when you are on your board.

3) Paddle With Nearly-Closed Fingers

When you are paddling out, take the time to paddle with your fingers nearly closed. By doing this you can conserve energy, as paddling out requires an immense amount of strength and endurance.


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