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Surfing etiquette tips

Hossegor is home to some of the most incredible surfers and waves in the world. If you are looking to learn how to surf, ECW's surf camp can teach you the foundations of surfing so you can enjoy cruising on the waves. While surfing is a free sport, there are some etiquette rules to consider before hitting the water! Before getting in the water, it's essential to recognize some of the common steps surfers take. Below we break down a few etiquettes to keep in mind when you are about to embark on a surf trip.

Top 3 Surfing Etiquette Tips

1) Share the waves

The ocean is for everyone to enjoy. Hossegor is a surfer's paradise, and by respect those around you on the water, it makes the experience enjoyable for everyone. Take a look around you and be aware of everyone in the water and the waves. It's important not to steal a wave from someone.

2) Respect other surfer's right of way

It can be challenging to navigate the different surfing "rules" as a new surfer. One of the most common things to understand it "right of way." The person that is closest to the breaking wave is the one that has the right of way on the water.

3) Respect Gear

One of the most important things to a surfer is their gear. Gear can be expensive, so it's best to treat everything with the highest level of respect.


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