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Les fêtes de Soustons

8 August - 11 August 2024

Yeah! As every year, the fêtes de Soustons is scheduled again in the beginning of august.

Due to being the most busy time of the year, here in the Hossegor area, we suggest you safe your place early enough!

It's a four day party with a hugh attraction park, different rollercoasters, food & game stands and loads of sangria, red wine and cider. The tradition is to show up in all white clothing with a blue (Soustons) or red (Bayonne) collar. All in all, its the biggest party of the year, if that's your thing, don't miss it and book your place today!

-> Fêtes de Soustons : 8 August - 11 August 2024

-> Fêtes de Bayonne : 10 July - 14 July 2024



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