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Hossegor: Surf Capital of France

Hossegor is a surfer's paradise. Known for its beautiful shores, surfers from all over the world come to take on the waves. Every October, the world's best surfers gather in Hossegor for the Quiksilver Pro. Hossegor boasts surfing aficionados and stunning views of nature. Below, we break down the different aspects of surfing.

Surfing Tips

The waves

The waves in Hossegor are what brings people from around the world to surf on the beautiful shores. Waves in Hossegor gain a lot of their power from an offshore submarine canyon. This canyon funnels the wave energy into this region, which makes them intense and ideal for surfing. A full or new moon can also affect the tides.

Wind direction

Wind direction plays a massive role in surfing, and light easterly winds are best. Southerly winds are still manageable out on the water if they are not too strong. It's best to check the forecast ahead of time so that you are prepared for the wind direction and how that can affect your surf.

Best season to go

When traveling, people often want to go during the summertime, but this is often the most crowded time. When it comes to Hossegor, Autumn offers light winds and still warm water. The spring season can also be a good option if winds cooperate and can create a pleasant surfing experience. If you are genuinely dedicated, winter can work, but it's not the most ideal because of the temperature.


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