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ECW Bowl Opening - 30.05.2019

This year we're gonna celebrate the bowl opening for the first time, nothing big, just

SKATE, BEER, BURGERS, MUSIC & PARTY Thursday the 30.May 2019 / 17:00 o'clock We got pretty much everything that's needed for a good opening party, the bowl, the beer, the BBQ and the music. Now it's just you that's missing, so bring the good vibe

Here some background history:

It was one hell of job to build that DIY bowl in 2014, but with the help of the September Wheel crew and a bunch of friends, the so called "petit désolé" bowl was shaped in no time.

Ever since the bowl was traded as secret spot for local and foreign skaters. A hidden treasure away from Hossegor's pulsing summer madness. We kept it low profile to stick to the good spirit and vibe. Even that some local skate contest have been hold and skate trip stop over from HOAX, RVCA, GLOBE till ROARK didn't change a thing. We keep it real.


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