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Best Wineries Near Hossegor

Hossegor is well known for its stunning scenery, intense waves, and French culture. If you're traveling for the holidays and are interested in visiting the beautiful Hossegor region to surf and taste the wine in the South of France, we can guide you to a few of the best. What can make for a better holiday than gorgeous views, exquisite wine, and surf lessons? Whether you know your preferred taste or are looking for a wine connoisseur to help guide you, these wineries offer the finest selections. Below are a few of the most popular and charming wineries that you can visit during your holidays.

We've compiled a list of the finest wineries and wine stores to help guide you through the region. From high-end spots to more casual environments, we have them all. With such a beautiful area, it's hard to go wrong with any of the wineries listed below.

Le chai d'Hossegor is one of the top-rated wineries in the region with an unmatched wine and spirits selection. It's a phenomenal experience for locals, visitors, and those near and far. If you're looking to experience the culture of the area truly, Le chai d'Hossegor is an excellent place to start.

L'Etiquette is located in the heart of Hossegor and offers distinguished wines and tapas. This winery has a wide selection of wines to choose from, and offer tastings so you can pair your favorite wine with small bites. With a welcoming and casual environment, this place is ideal for visiting after a day on the surf.

Not far from Hossegor, this wine bar has a variety of wines to choose from. If you're looking to explore the area a bit, this wine bar is worth your time!

If you're searching for a wine store to pick up a bottle (or two), De la Cave Au Garde Manger boasts a passionate team of wine experts to help you find a delicious wine that appeals to your palate. Located in Capbreton, France, it's not far from Hossegor. Locals and visitors alike will enjoy the warm atmosphere and attention to detail.


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