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Best excursions near Hossegor Surf Camp

wineries in hossegor

Hossegor is a surfer's paradise. With beautiful beaches, exciting surf, and scenic wine trails, it makes for a perfect getaway. While surfing is the main attraction in Hossegor, travelers and locals can enjoy the stunning landscape and everything the area has to offer. Those who love nature will get to take in all of Hossegor's beauty. From wineries to eateries, and outdoor activities, the thrill is endless. Whether you want to enjoy the local cuisine or you're looking for more of an adventure, the Hossegor area offers it all. If you're planning a trip to Hossegor and want to explore the area, here are ten things you can do near the surf camp.

If you're looking to get a glimpse of the surf action without actually getting in the water, you're in luck. Hossegor is an iconic surf spot that hosts the Quiksilver surfing contest every October. Follow all of the action and watch elite surfers take on large swells. You can find more information on the schedules, competitors, and event here.

While surfing takes most of the limelight, Hossegor is also home to many shops, both larger and smaller boutiques. In Hossegor, you'll find Roxy, Billabong, and of course, Quiksilver amongst local shops with different apparel, accessories, antiques, and gear. If you're looking for a little piece of Hossegor to take home with you as a souvenir, you can find unique pieces at the local galleries.

Not only does Hossegor boast impressive ocean waves for surfers, but its scenic trails are perfect for cyclists as well. Cycle through pine forests at the expanse of the northern beaches. These trails are also great for a long walk or a picnic with family and friends. Take in the views of Hossegor with a bike ride that leads to the sea. You can rent a bike to explore the trails with at the Bike Factory.

If you want to enjoy the water without the pressure of the waves, Lake Hossegor is a place you can't miss. You can rent paddle boards at the lake and take in all of nature's beauty.

If you're looking to channel your inner spirit and indulge in ultimate relaxation, Hossegor offers yoga sessions. Yoga Searcher, a local clothing brand, hosts regular retreats and workshops at Audine Farm in the Landes countryside. Visitors and locals can also join in on a massive group yoga session in October during the Roxy Fitness Event in October. This event includes a 6km run around the lake followed by a stand-up paddle race on the water.

When in the South of France, it's essential to try all of the local cuisine and desserts. Hossegor is home to several cafes and various restaurants with a laidback vibe featuring healthy eats. Meg's, Wax, Tante Jeanne, and Le Palais de Lucas are a few incredible spots to dine in.

If you're looking to challenge your luck with some classic slot machines, you're in luck! Like most towns in the South of France, Hossegor is home to a casino with blackjack and slot machines. The Sporting Casino also features mini golf, a swimming pool, bars, and tennis courts.

Is it a trip to the South of France without wine? Wine lovers can enjoy the different wineries and wine bars in the area. Take in the beauty of Hossegor with a wine tasting at L'Etiquette. Locals recommend Pêcheries Ducamp, Chez Papa'Joub, and El Bodegon for their beautiful views, lovely local wine and food, and atmosphere.

With beautiful landscapes, it's no secret that Hossegor is a great place to play golf. The Hossegor Gold Club is home to a stunning course, and it also features other amenities such as a restaurant and hotel. You can learn more about the golf club here.

For those looking for the party spots when the sun goes down, Hossegor has many places to dance the night away. Dick's Sand Bar, Coolin, and Central are local hot spots to meet new people and enjoy a few cocktails.


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