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Advanced surfing tips

Have you spent years out on the waves and want to continue to work on improving your style so you can tackle bigger waves? If so, it's important to focus on your technique and practice as much as you can. Surfing is great for your body and mind and can provide many health benefits, so it's no secret why people of all levels enjoy riding the waves. Expert surfers have the basics and moderate levels down and now need to fine-tune their skills to improve. Below, we list some of the next steps you can take to improve your performance and style on the water.

  • Check the time period between waves

  • Make sure to pick the right wave for you

  • Keep a low center of gravity

  • Paddle with almost closed fingers

  • Adjust your feet while riding

  • Analyze the waves to have a better understanding of the water

  • Use the right surfboard for the wave

  • Analyze your mistakes and make adjustments


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