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3 Health Benefits of surfing

Do you enjoy surfing and taking in all of nature's beauty? Surfing is known to provide peace and harmony to the mind and body. It takes balance, strength, and knowledge to ride the waves, and all of these mechanisms can improve your health while you are having fun on the water. Over time, surfing can continue to contribute to healthy lifestyle habits and promote health in a wide range of areas. Below, we give insight into some of the top health benefits of catching some waves.

Major health benefits of surfing

1) Cardiovascular health

Regular exercise has been proven to reduce the risk of people suffering from a heart attack or other cardiovascular conditions. from suffering or dying from heart-related problems. Surfing increases your heart rate on the water, which propels your muscles to work better.

2) Flexibility

In surfing, flexibility is vital to navigating the waters. While you are on your board, your body is constantly in a wide range of motions to ride the waves. Continued surfing and practice lead to better flexibility.

3) Increased muscle tone

While surfing, you are using your arms to paddle out to the water, which is also a great workout for your shoulders, chest, and back. You also need core and leg strength to balance on the board properly. Over time, you will notice a considerable difference in your strength by surfing the waves.


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