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Study & More language schools and travel center

language schools &
travel center

Studyandmore is a language school&travel center that will bring you to the best surf&snowboard places worldwide. Either to learn a new language or practice on your skills, in the class room, on the slopes or in the lineup.


Travel fever gripped us years ago and the search for the best waves has not let us go since. On our trips we met like-minded people from all over the world and decided that the language barrier doesn't have to be one. Therefore we have deepened our vocabulary from the line up in a local language schools and quickly noticed that a new language opens new doors. Privately and professionally. 

Our promise

"Every new language is like an open window that opens up a new view of the world and broadens our outlook on life."

- Frank Harris -


We offer all language courses without surcharges in the respective national currency. Our commission is paid by the language school - you get our service!

"your passion is our mission"

our misson

The last years we have searched, tested and found. So here they are: the most beautiful places, the coolest language schools and the best surf and snowboard spots combined. And that's where we're sending you now! Learn a new language and discover a foreign culture without giving up your passion.

We have put together a selection of dream destinations for you that will leave you amazed. Whether English, Spanish or French, whether sea or snow, whether surfboard or snowboard. We will help you to get the most out of your language stay. Your passion is our mission.​

our aim

Our aim or how why studyandmore is different from a other language schools? We don't just care about your career opportunities. The passion for board sports should not be neglected during a studyandmore language course. We know the feeling that a good forecast and fresh snow can trigger. We believe in the positive effect of exercise your mind with a surf or a first pow line. Let your happy hormones go crazy on your learning success. That's why you'll find studyandmore language schools at the best surf and snowboard spots worldwide. 

foreign language schools

our locations

Learn French > Biarritz, France . 

Learn Spanish > San Sebastian, Spain .

Learn English > San Diego, USA . Santa Barbara, USA . 

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