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King fisher bay resort

Indonesia with its over 17’000 islands is a real surfing Eldorado, no matter if you’re looking for reef, point or beach breaks, it’s all at your doorstep. Due to the warm climate there’s no need of wetsuits at all, even though a rashy helps you to avoid annoying sunburns, cause the sun gets pretty intense. The fresh and healthy Indonesian food, the friendly locals and the perfect waves make Indonesia to a TOP surf destination since decades. We’re offering you two destinations, The Uluwatu Surfcamp in Bali and the very remote Kingfisher Bay Resort on the Mentawai Islands, a jewel just off the Sumatran coast.


The Kingfisher Bay Resort is in the south of the Mentawai Island Sipora located, right in front of the famous wave “Lances Left. The Resort gives you the opportunity to experience a strikingly original part of the world unlike anywhere you’ve ever been to or imagined; freakishly perfect waves, a completely unique and fascinating culture with a backdrop of idyllic palm fringed beaches and turquoise waters. As our name suggests, the resort is situated on the edge of an expansive bay, regularly frequented by stunning and acrobatic kingfisher birds, as well as a vast array of other wildlife including majestic sea eagles, large flying squirrels and pristine coral reefs teeming with sea life.


Overlooking the majestic lineup of Lances Left, just 20 meters from the waters edge is the spectacular location of our bungalows. By combining traditional Mentawaian design with Western attention to strength and comfort, the result is a uniquely exotic and luxurious experience. Depending on your budget you either stay in the luxury private bungalow or the shared bungalow accommodation


Every day you’ll get three healthy and delicious and freshly prepared meals to provide you with the needed energy for the next surf. Keeping to the Mentawai theme, our restaurant is the centerpiece of the resort. From our spacious veranda you can take in the awe-inspiring, panoramic view of Lances Left and the adjacent bay. The open terrace design is perfect for catching even the slightest breeze, and perhaps a glimpse of the flying lizards and squirrels that are endemic to the Mentawai islands.


Besides surfing, surfing and more surfing, there is snorkeling and fishing gear you’re welcome to use or you even go on a fishing trip with the speed boat. A variety of beers and juices can be ordered from the bar, or you can lounge in the chill out area in mix of modern and driftwood furniture. DVD’s, internet connection and daily surf photo’s can be utilized at your leisure, or simply get to know the people who you will be sharing adventures and waves with during your trip.

surf equipment

As we’re located on a isolated island, you’re in need to bring along everything you don’t want to miss. Of course a proper quiver of surfboards, leg ropes, tropical wax, ding repair set, sun screen (a lot), reef booties, rash guards, electrical adapters, first aid supply and everything else you can’t live without


From your bungalow you will be greeted by the impressive sight of Lances Left, arguably the most consistent world class wave in the mentawai archipelago. The resort is located in an extremely wave rich region with 10 different waves within 20 minutes via boat. With such an extensive selection to choose from; fun beach breaks, long lefts and rights, barrel perfection and heavy slabs, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer all levels and appetites are catered for here at Kingfisher Bay Resort.


All Mentawai adventures begin in the city of Padang, and with a wide range of airlines and schedules to choose from. Padang can be reached conveniently from the following transit cities: Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

1 or 2 flights a day with

Jakarta (daily flights with


International airline suggestions from your home country:






VISA on arrival: The cost is US$25, and we suggest travelers have this prepared before arriving in Indonesia, a good tip is to keep this money with your passport to avoid any delays.


From Padang Bay - Java

Upon arrival at Padang’s Minangkabau International Airport, you will be greeted by one of our staff members with pre-arranged transport to the harbour or hotel depending on your schedule. From this point we can help with any pre-departure needs, like accessing money, where to eat or simply explore this unique and colourful city for a genuine Indonesian experience. Flight from Padang to Mentawai Harbour. The most reliable and comfortable form of transport to/from the resort is the Ambu Ambu ferry. This large steel vessel features AC cooled cabins and is also used to transport cars and trucks to the Mentawai islands. This is an overnight ferry departing at 8pm and arriving at 6:30 am, you will then be transported by our speedboat to the resort. All transfers are organized by us and is included in the cost of the fare (AUD$200 return, based on minimum 2 guests)


Speedboat transfer from Mentawai airport to the resort 

Our staff will be waiting to transport you and your luggage directly to the resort using one of our custom built speedboats. Just one to one and a half hours later, from Tua Pejat harbour one of our resort speedboats will take you on the final two hour ride to Kingfisher Bay where you will be welcomed by the resort and the waves that have made the Mentawais famous.


Speedboat from Padang to the resort directly

A great option for groups of 3 to 9 guests is a fast boat directly from Padang to the resort. This is the most reliable and time efficient option and can be tailored to suit any connecting flight schedules to/from Padang. The cost to charter the speed boat is AUD$2,000 one way.

Pricelist and Location

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