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Intermediate Surfing Tips

Are you now at an intermediate level of surfing and want to progress to more advanced moves out on the waves? If so, we can provide information and resources to help you reach your surfing goals! As you learn, you can continue to tweak your technique, so it feels right, and you can freely move on the water and catch amazing waves.

If you are advancing in your surfing skills and want to take on more intermediate surfing techniques, we can assist you. Below, we offer a few top tips to improve your technique out on the waves.

1) Practise

One of the best tips we can give is that it's important to practice as much as you can out on the water. The more you practice your moves, the more "muscle memory" you will get. If you can't get as much water time, you can still practice your stance on dry land. Take your time and be patient with yourself.

2) Warm-Up

One of the best waves to guarantee success out on the waves is through a warm-up routine. Take your time to stretch, and prepare your body for the water. If you can spend some time stretching, it will be easier to adapt to movements out on the water.

3) Be patient

Surfing is not easy. It takes time for your body to become familiar with the waves and the movements on the board. Now that you are no longer a beginner, you can take the time to improve certain aspects of your technique that you have trouble with on the water. Whether you want to improve your stance, paddle, or position, be patient and continue to practice.


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