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Fêtes de Bayonne

It all starts on a Wednesday night when the festival’s mascot, King Leon, throws Bayonne’s city keys from the town hall balcony down to the crowds. This ceremony kicks off the 5 days and nights of non-stop partying, dancing and sangria drinking!

Fêtes de Bayonne’s party-crowds wear all white with a red scarf and a red belt.

Or get involved in French culture and join in on the world championship of bell pepper omelets held at the local market!

The Fetes de Bayonne is one of the biggest Streetfestivals worldwide. It attracts a crowd of almost 1,5 million people every year. Don't miss it!

-> Fêtes de Bayonne : 10 July - 14 July 2024

-> Fêtes de Soustons : 8 August - 11 August 2024


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